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I Thought I Was Getting Better… Now This

I'm sure you can relate to my current plight. I was on a roll with improving my Crohn's disease and feeling better. It's just getting to the 2-year mark with this new medication and I am continuing to improve and able to feel human again.

Feeling better on a new Crohn's treatment

No more days stuck in bed 24/7 running to and from the bathroom in horrific pain. Losing blood, fighting horrific fatigue, unable to eat, and feeling mentally drained. With this new treatment, I have been able to function and although not every day is perfect, I can work from home and feel productive.

I started to put on weight, even workout consistently, run errands with energy and even plan to add more responsibilities to my schedule which wasn't even a thought before. I was diligent with my diet, I was even juicing celery juice every morning and for the first time in years my iron levels start to rise.

But why? Why is it that when things start to consistently look good and for about 3 months you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and start to become excited for the future everything seems to turn on its head?

Then things go downhill

Today, I am not doing the best. I have lost weight, I am sick in the mornings again, starting to throw up everything I eat. Feeling terribly fatigued which means I only do the bare minimum and just washing dishes is a challenging task. Work is becoming hard and I already work from home. Overall, I am just totally exhausted and not sleeping well. To say I am frustrated is an understatement.

This seems to be a trend that I can't seem to pass. I do well for 2 or 3 months, then things fall apart. To be fair, the decline happened after I came down with COVID-19 in March. It wasn't a quick decline but I can say it started to occur after the time I was infected.

Could this be a COVID thing? Or is this just the normal Crohn's trajectory that my body likes to stick to? Either way, it's hard.

The ups and downs of IBD are hard

It's hard to get your hopes up and feel that you have finally reached a place where life can seem pretty normal. You wait and wait years for this to become a reality and when it finally does it gets taken away from you. Talk about playing with your emotions.

I just wanted to get my thoughts out in hopes that if someone is at this same place in their Crohn's or colitis journey you know you aren't alone. It truly is a rollercoaster ride with so many ups and downs and manic twists.  I will continue to remain positive, as I always do, but it is okay to be human sometimes and sulk. So today I am sulking.

Do you get frustrated dealing with the ups and downs of this diagnosis? Have you had a similar experience as I did? Share below, we love to hear from you. Let's chat.

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