Wedding Planning with Crohn’s Disease

There are major moments in life that remind you how Crohn's disease does not take a pause. Life moves on and Crohn's remains present. In January I got engaged, and I am currently in the thick of wedding planning.  Dress shopping has been at the forefront and shopping at different stores has become the norm lately. Some might find this stressful, but so far I have been enjoying the experience. 

Gown shopping with my mother has become a fond memory and basking in the present moment that will soon turn into a far off memory has been lovely.

My energy levels are great, I am able to eat more foods and my weight has gone up which makes trying on dresses more fun.  I feel and look most like my pre-diagnosis self than ever before. But I would like to share that not everything has gone perfectly when it comes to my health. 

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Urgency while dress shopping

I recently went to a bridal shop and while trying on dresses I was hit with intense urgency.  Thankfully I got the dress off and made it to the washroom just in time.  But it was a close call.

And although that would have been so embarrassing had it turned out badly, it didn’t.  And after I left the restroom, the appointment continued on and I found a beautiful dress that could be the one.

At another shop, the same thing happened but a bit worse.  As I was trying on a dress, I felt urgency as I made the mistake of having a bit of coffee with my mother at a restaurant before the dress appointment.  When the urgency hit, I asked the dresser where the restroom was.  She responded by saying that unfortunately their restroom is out of order and I would need to walk next door to the restaurant to use the washroom.

Not a problem, but my issue was time.  The urgency was intense and I was worried I wouldn’t make it.  I calmly changed and breathed as I made my way to the restaurant, and thankfully I made it.

This or That

Has urgency ever crashed one of your major life moments?

Focusing my energy

But my point is, things may continue to happen in my wedding planning journey.  Perhaps even on my wedding day.  But if I choose to focus on what is working, the positive interactions, memories that I will remember for years to come, then that is all that should matter.

Even with these urgent bathroom instances during wedding dress shopping, I choose not to dwell on them.  I focus my energy and memories on the moments where I had the dress on, looking into the mirror, being with my mom and sharing the experience with her.  Those are the moments I cherish and I won’t let any Crohn’s hiccups take from the beauty of the journey.

Perspective is everything.  Yes it is a nuisance that I have to deal with symptoms, sure.  But my overall perspective is of positivity, excitement and expectancy of a memorable, beautiful wedding experience.

How about you?  How did you manage wedding planning with Crohn’s disease?  Share any tips you may have below, we love to hear from you.

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