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How can I cope with the pain of IBD without constant pain medication?

Community Answers
  • Sara Ringer
    2 years ago

    There are a lot of options for pain management aside from what we typically think of – which is opiods. Certainly they have their place in treating pain (after surgery, short term during a flare) but in *most* cases of IBD should not be used long term.

    1. It’s important to bring up pain with your doctor so that the source of the pain can be addressed. If it’s inflammation causing it then perhaps a new treatment will help, if it’s pain from a stricture or blockage then that needs to be handled, etc. Plus your doctor can make recommendations about pain you are having even while in remission.

    2. For mild to moderate pain you can use heating pads, take warm baths, try meditation, and depending on the type of pain exercise may even help.

    3. Some people have found help with acupuncture.

    4. There are certain medications that can be used for pain that are not opiods that you can ask your doctor about. There are also trials going on right now for pain in patients who have IBD who are in remission but still experience pain.

    5. There are also mental health experts trained in helping people with IBD cope with pain.

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