Thanks to Them

While recently working interstate, I developed ulcerative colitis. The demands of my job immediately clashed with the newfound reality of dealing with a chronic illness. I dealt with needing to take many toilet breaks, almost falling asleep in my car, and a heat pack attached to me at all times.

I wanted to be there more than anything, as I was finally working on a buzzing film set-my dream! Yet, amid these struggles, a silver lining emerged in the form of my remarkable colleagues and supervisors.

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Their support was my sanctuary

Despite my early departures most days and the visible toll on my health, the team became a pillar of support. Their warmth, hugs, and words of encouragement became a sanctuary in the midst of chaos. Facing the inherent stress, they made concerted efforts to create a calming environment.

Their understanding and empathy not only eased the strain but became a healing balm. I find myself deeply thankful for the support that came when I needed it the most—a testament to the power of compassion. I managed to get through the rest of the contract, and I flew home. I was incredibly lucky.

A word of advice

To finish, I will tell you what my employer told me. I hope it helps you if you are struggling.

"You are not your illness. You are your creative spirit, your mind, and your heart. You are stronger than you think, but I am also sorry you are in pain. We are here if you need."

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