Recently Diagnosed with Crohn's at 20

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease two months ago (March 3rd) after an unexpected ER and hospital visit.

It all felt very fast and I never imagined I would receive a diagnosis like this. My grandmother has Crohn's (she has an ostomy bag) so I had heard of it growing up, but I had no idea it could be hereditary or even what it really was. I've also struggled with fatigue for many years, but thought it was because I was a teenager. I remember suddenly losing a lot of weight around 8th grade, and I've never really been able to gain weight since then. Now that I’ve thought about it, I realize there were other symptoms as well. I definitely regret not acknowledging the stuff my body was trying to tell me until it got to this point.

My diagnosis has me feeling anxious

I still haven't been treated which has caused me to be pretty anxious. My calprotectin levels are 4,700 according to the test I did about a month ago. However, other than the mild ongoing pain and pretty bad fatigue, I feel normal. I'm hoping to start Entyvio in the next two weeks.

Luckily I'm not in school this semester for reasons unrelated to Crohn's disease, so this is the perfect time for all of this to happen. I’m actually transferring to a new college, so it will be interesting trying to make new friends, navigate the campus, and deal with this new medical stuff at the same time. I plan on using the accommodations my school offers, so hopefully my professors will be understanding.

My symptoms make sense now

I just feel so anxious that I could be sent to the ER at any moment, and it’s all I can think about. My mental health has taken a pretty bad hit due to this, and I don't know anyone around my age dealing with this. This diagnosis is a bit of a relief though, because I thought everyone was this tired but I’m just terrible at handling it haha

I’m curious if anyone’s in a similar situation or has ever experienced something similar, also does treatment really work? Am I actually going to see a difference? I feel like I’ve had symptoms for so long that it’s normal for me. I’m curious to see what kind of person I’d be if I lost even half of this fatigue lol

Thank you for reading :)

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