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First Thanksgiving

Sorry, this isn’t about Pilgrims and Indians. It seems I have an awful sense of timing being newly diagnosed at the start of the Holidays. I am just figuring out if I can eat not just what. In my first week of CD. I cut out carbonated beverages, anything coarse or high roughage, am on a limb until my first GI visit until next Tuesday.

Ice cream and yogurt seem to make the passage without much trouble. Mac and cheese too. I guess it’s trial and error but, I’m sure a huge plateful of Turkey, mashed potatoes, yams washed down with a nice beer (or 2 or 3)…

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  • SusanHU
    2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing @ikoikonoclast – we hear this from many of our community members so you are not alone! How did thanksgiving go?

    – Susan ( Team Member)

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