My body, not yours

Hey, my name is Leah and I have Crohn's disease. I was diagnosed in 2018 at the age of 15. Since then I have gone through a lot, which most people would understand, so I am not gonna get into it. I have always struggled with my diet from the start. I was told by many people what I should be doing and what I was doing wrong. I have tried scd, aip, and fodmaps. They all didn't go well with my case especially since every person is so different. Over the last few months I have been declared in remission and diagnosed with IBS-m. I discovered that the only way to treat the IBS was to use the science behind the popular diets now days and adjust them to my needs. 95% of what I eat would mean horror if I had a flare and horror to any IBD patients that see my food.

Please keep unsolicited food advice to yourself

Something people don't realize when they comment on others food is that first you don't know the reason behind the person eating it, even if it is proven to be harmful for them. Second, since everyone is so diverse if you see someone eating something bad it really is not your business to mention it. When 3+ ppl. yelled at me for eating salad I at first started doubting my ability to judge my health. Maybe other people know more than me? Maybe nightshades will cause harm. Then I realized that I do know how to judge my health and I do know what is not good for me and if anyone has a problem with it, too bad, because it's my body, my health, and my decision to make. Not my cousins, aunts, neighbors dog... now I am done my rant and I can go back to sleep ;) Leah

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