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My Crohn’s life

My Crohn’s disease made its entrance when I was pregnant, so I was hard to treat because the baby had to be protected. So my August baby became a June baby. I had a C-section followed by a subtotal colectomy with a temporary ileostomy.
In December I had a tubal ligation followed by a J pouch surgery, then in February a re connection. From there I became very sick because I had Crohn’s, not UC, so the Crohn’s went into the internal pouch. I had malabsorption syndrome, constant pain, erythema nodosum. After 5 months, I finally found a new surgeon and I had my first permanent ileostomy. I had 2 bowel obstructions, one I had to have surgery for. Then I went into remission for 20 years…

It came back.

Then I started with periodic pain in my lower right side for a few months and then the pain came and stayed. I couldn’t get out of bed. I went to my surgeon of 20 years and he ordered a CTE scan. He called my home at 9 pm and said “you have to come to the ER now. your test is a mess.” I had an emergency surgery to remove an abscess and a mass. Two days later I had my big surgery. My surgeon found live Crohn’s and now my first ileostomy was destroyed, so he made my second and current ileostomy.

I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. At first I was on humira because I have Crohn’s and Rheumatoid arthritis, then my rheumatologist changed me to remicade and I bleed easily. I have a nodule in my liver and one in each kidney. So when I see the doctor next week, I am having her put me back on humira. I didn’t have any issues with humira and if I wasn’t constantly waiting for the next Crohn’s attack, I would not take the humira.

Crohn’s scares me more then the rheumatoid arthritis. My surgery was October of last year and I still can’t lay on my right side, when I told my surgeon , he said he wasn’t surprised he did a lot of work in there. So now he has saved my life twice. I am forever thankful for Dr. Paul Williamson, the best colon rectal surgeon . He has been my surgeon since 1998 and he will always be my surgeon! I still deal with some cramps and increased output and pain from adhesions, but I am alive!

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