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How common is it to get surgery for IBD?

Is having surgery a common practice or treatment for IBD? Has anyone had it?

  1. Surgery is common as a part of treating IBD. It's estimated that between 25% - 35% of those with ulcerative colitis and 70% - 90% of those with Crohn’s disease will need to have surgery at some point. Some of most common types of surgery include Bowel Resection Surgery, Colectomy, Strictureplasty, Proctocolectomy with ileostomy and procedures to drain abscesses. You can find more info here-

    1. I have had resections but it really depends on the individual. Best of luck to you

      1. Surgery is very common for IBD. I've had three surgeries for Crohn's disease over a thirty year period. Surgery should usually only be undertaken as a last resort though. If drug treatments can work, I recommend you try those first.

        Matt (Team Member)

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