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My Long Journey

So I’ve never really been outspoken about my story but due to everything that’s going on and all the support and prayers I figured it’s time for me to share, warning ⚠️ this is a long story…

So ever since I was very young I have experienced symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and alwaysssss being under weight and wondering when am I going to be big and look all the other kids my age…

My momma took me to several specialists mostly all at uk and no one could ever figure out what was wrong with me, they did test after test (keep in mind I very easily passed out over anything medical) so my momma would have to fan me while I would lay down and try to act like I wasn’t being tested on and being told it’s okay nan just look at the wallpaper and we will go to the mall and get cookies afterwards…

I’ve had X-rays that showed my growth was years behind my age, thyroid testing, soooo much blood work, allergy testing (lactose intolerant by the way) it seemed as if it never ended and I would do good for awhile and gain weight and one day out of the month always I would very sick throwing up for a couple days not able to eat and sending my family to get me sprite… pepto didn’t work so I just waited it out in pain…

It got to the point I knew I could barely eat most foods even potatoes and a lot of meats…
As the diarrhea continued I tried to just cope with it by taking anti diarrhea medication it got to the point I was taking 6 a day and still going about 10 or more times a day…

I’ve always had belly pain I’ve just learned to cope with it.

Around January 2015 I started having a lot of blood when going to the bathroom keep in mind still about ten times a day, started throwing up my lunch most days at work I even threw up in my lunch box one day…

Finally August 2015 weeks from turning 19 my mommy said baby you’ve got to go the doctor these symptoms are getting really bad!!!!

I was not only having the blood, diarrhea, vomiting, pain, I starting swelling in my feet and it wasn’t going down, staying tired, my nerves were really bothering me…

So I finally went to my family dr and told them all my symptoms they then at that time put me on some anxiety and diarrhea medication and did some blood work… The next day at work my mom texted me and said leave work we have to go to the dr asap!!!!! So I left went home and it was the most peaceful ride ever going to the dr little did we know what we were getting ready to be told…

We got there and the dr was in tears saying you have to go to the hospital you are critically anemic your hemoglobin is 5.2 and many other bad test results… So we left crying felt like it wasn’t real life going to the hospital not even allowed to go home and pack a bag, got to the hospital and was given three bags of blood, they at that time did a Ct scan as well and found out that I had a blood clot in my IVC and said I needed a higher amount of care and needed a special surgeon due to the severity of the clot and called every hospital near Corbin and couldn’t find one with a bed until the got ahold of u of l and they had one in the er so they told me I had no choice I had to be flown out. I was terrified I literally thought what is happening to me am I dying????

Thankfully they let my momma ride it the helicopter with me due to how I was so under weight… (Still trying to get that $65,000 bill to be paid.) We made it to the hospital they had me on the stretcher still giving me blood. We were at u of l for right at a week they did all kinds of testing, labs, ultrasounds, echos, colonoscopy and at that point they found out about the Crohn’s disease

I was put on humira injection, blood thinner, iron, and many many more… I was sent to two different gi specialists and the one was able to find out that I had a fistula in my belly due to many more tests, Ct scans etc… I was treated with antibiotics but due to no improvement I changed doctors looking for help around may 2016! And explained that I was in an extreme amount of pain and was send for more testing, Ct scans, kub, labs they found a pocket of fluid in my stomach and I was immediately sent to a surgeon that day… They ordered another Ct scan and after being prayed for at church they found that the pocket of fluid was gone!!!!!

Was then referred to see a new gi specialist in Lexington who then ordered many tests to see what was going on and put me on entyvio infusions and referred me to a urologist for the fistula in my bladder and they ordered a cisto in order to confirm the hole, as well as a hematologist for the blood clot and they tested for blood clotting disorders.

The urologist then confirmed the hole and I was referred to a colon surgeon they then at that time had me do another colonoscopy to confirm… Once they confirmed the issues in my stomach surgery was then scheduled on December 20 2016 to remove a portion of my bowel as well as close the fistula! Now 21 staples, a catheter and drain later surgery is over with!

And I’m on the way to getting better praise the Lord for all he’s done for me and thank you everyone for all of the prayers!!!! I hope my story is able to help someone in need and just know I’ve been there and know what your going through, but know that nothing is impossible with God!!!

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  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    9 months ago

    I too have leaned on my faith throughout my journey with CD. I truly believe nothing is impossible with God and I am so happy you are doing well and have come out stronger despite your trial. I hope you are doing well these days! You should pop in and give us an update! Would love to hear from you.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

  • Pam
    3 years ago

    What a great attitude you have. I also agree all things are possible with God. Faith has gotten me through a lot of tough times. And I believe that suffering brings us closer to God. I came close to a blood transfusion, the doctor gave it till the afternoon for my count to go up. And thank goodness it did. You are a very strong person and I wish you many blessings on your journey with your illness. Pam

  • author
    3 years ago

    Awh thank you Pam I got tearful reading your comment thank you so much, you are blessing to everyone!
    Hope your doing well with your journey with crohns I know it can really be hard and I wish you the best!
    God bless you!
    Love, Amanda

  • Kelly Dabel moderator
    3 years ago

    Thank you for your comment Pam. Hope this article was helpful to you and reminded you that you are not alone in this. Thank you for sharing and being part of our community. Kelly, Team member

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