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Learning to Be Honest About My Ulcerative Colitis

Since I was a young child, I’ve always loved traveling. However, after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2013, the thought of traveling brought on more anxiety than I had ever experienced. From the ride to the airport, to being on the airplane and knowing I couldn’t technically use the restroom during take off and landing, my jet-setting ways no longer felt carefree.

The urgency

When I was finally at my destination, I felt embarrassed when I had to urgently find a bathroom in the middle of exploring a city. I used to say “I’m going to be sick.” I would then run off looking for the closest spot (which I had already scoped out as I am constantly keeping an eye out for restrooms nearby – even in my own city). I kind of felt subconscious about that and wondered what people thought of me having to run to the bathroom all the time.

So I finally decided to open up and be honest about my UC and why I had the urgency or why I’d disappear for 30-45 minutes. Once I actually told people I was traveling with about my disease, I found myself feeling more at ease. On top of my actual symptoms, I no longer felt added stress for holding them up in the middle of our day.

I feel more at ease

When I needed to jump out of a cab on the way to an event, it made it easier knowing my friends knew why I had to stop. When I was speed walking home to the bathroom, my friends understood it wasn’t because I was being rude and didn’t want to walk with them. Finally, when I ask to pull the car over on a road trip, no one questions me or makes me feel bad about going outside – I can practically laugh about it now with those friends.

Even though I can’t control my symptoms all the time, I’ve learned I’ve been able to control the narrative by being honest – and no one has ever made me feel bad about my ulcerative colitis since.

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  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    5 months ago

    This is so wonderful to hear! I too wish I was more open about my diagnosis from the start. It really is amazing to see the support many offer you and it makes things less stressful.

    I hope you are doing well these days and are finding relief.

    Thanks for sharing your story and for being a part of our community.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

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