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Back in 2017-2018 I was admitted to the hospital when I wasn’t feeling well and I wasn’t getting better. With no insurance, I was given an IV drip, told that I had sepsis and could’ve died and discharged with a $5,500 bill with only 20% covered by assistance.

Since then, my body endured a severe change where I bleed, strain, have diarrhea, gut leak, headaches, muscle aches, hemorrhoids due to straining and constant stomach pains. I even have incredibly itchy skin all over my body and I think I’ve read it could be related but I know it’s def something I never had before.

I have no health insurance, I’ve been declined Medicaid every 60 days for the last few years. I’m unemployed and incapable of affording private care/insurance of my own so I’ve just learned to live with these symptoms. They are incredibly uncomfortable. I’m dealing with depression and fear of even going back to a job due to flare ups.

I have no idea if it is Crohn’s disease, IBS, IBD, UC or what it could be. I’ve been rejected from plenty of walk-ins because of Covid and not accepting new patients etc...I’m getting close to just going to the hospital and getting another $5,000 bill but I found this website and wanted to share my story to get advice. I deal with sleepless nights, I’ve tried changing my diet, taking probiotics, anti-itch/hemorrhoid creams and anything else you can imagine.

Maybe this forum can offer some insight. I appreciate any advice.

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