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IBD & Pets

  • By SusanHU

    A lot of people find comfort in pets when dealing with a chronic illness but of course they also add work to an already overwhelming situation. Do you have a pet? If so, how do they help with your IBD and what’s the trade off look like? Would you recommend that others dealing with IBD consider a pet?

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  • By magsmom65

    Yes, it’s tough to have to get up to take them potty, feed them, walk them, etc..but I found my two dogs have given me more love and comfort than I could ever imagine. unfortunately the one dog who gave me the most MOTHERLY comfort passed away two days ago and I have a hole in my heart the size of the Grand Canyon. I miss my baby, but yes they can be so comforting, loving, accepting and loyal. much more than people… 🙂

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  • By Leslie.Cassell

    My dog has been a great comfort because while he sometimes adds a little work to my day he can make me laugh and smile on my worst days and to me that is worth it all!

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  • By kimsart

    We had our Suzy and Australian shepherd border collie mix for 16 years. We adopted her 1month before my flare that led to my ulcerative colitis (pancolitis) diagnosis. The boys were little and she fit right into our family.
    It was more work. But she was my girl. She got me out walking (and sometimes we raced home to the bathroom). When she was around 11 years old I developed myofasial pain syndrome. Its smilar to firbo. I had doctor orders for daily walks, we lived 3 blocks from hiking trails and if I was weak to go up the hill she pulled me. She was always there for me.
    She passed away 2 summers ago. Because we moved we don’t have a room for and new dog. My husband and both sons have allergies to dogs. Suzy had her own room and access to the kitchen. Plus when she was a young dog she always wanted to be outside.
    So, without at dog, no walks, no poop to pick up, don’t have to worry about trash or food or precious toys left in the dogs reach
    But also no cuddles, no motivator to make you walk and no silly dog antics to make you feel happier

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  • By ginamm

    i have 2 cats for about 15 years now crohn’s about 10. we get our exercise running back and forth to the food dish and cleaning litter box! and when i have to go lay down, nape go to bed they are right there with me! they wait till i get comfy and find their spot next to me or on me, and we wake up together! love my girls cutie and callie!

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    • By Pam.Kingsland Keymaster

      Gina, thanks for your response… This is so cute! They sound like great cuddle buddies. I’m so glad you all have each other! =)
      -Pam ( Team Member)

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