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Adalimumab vs Infliximab - can I choose my treatment??

I posted on here earlier in the week about adalimumab and since then, I've been doing some research and spoke to various people that have been on adalimumab and also infliximab and to be honest im pretty scared!
When I spoke to my consultant he didnt actually mention the name of the biologic theyre thinking of starting me on but he said it would be a self-injected drug every 2 weeks... so I immediately assumed it was Humira as its the only "pen" biologic I'd ever heard of, but I've now discovered you can actually get self-injected infliximab treatment??
Has anyone else been on that before? And would patients usually have a say in what drug theyd prefer to be on? I've just heard a lot of negative reviews on adalimumab and am very reluctant to try it. I know everyone reacts differently but I'm just not comfortable with the risks involved... I have 2 siblings currently on infliximab who have found it to be amazing with very little side effects and id be much happier trying that out first, but don't know if I will even have the option?
My IBD team are currently off so I cant contact them to find out...
Be glad of others thoughts! Thank you...

  1. Hi ! You may have read the article I'm about to share already, but if not it may be helpful! It's a primer from our editorial team about infliximab: - I'll let other community members weigh-in on their personal experiences to some of the questions you have - but thought this may help! - Reggie ( Team Member)

    1. hello

      Definitely gives me clarity on a number of points.

  2. yes, infliximab and vedolizumab are now available in injection form.

    As you said, everyone reacts differently, so what others have experienced is completely irrelevant to you. I tried infliximab and it did nothing for me other than making me feel like I'd been hit by a truck for two days post-infusion.

    You ALWAYS have the right to refuse treatment. It's really important to have good communication with your IBD team so that you discuss things like this. Your concerns should always be heard. They tend to have specific pathways that dictate the treatment route, but that does not mean they are set in stone.

    Good luck!

    ~ Sahara (team member)

    1. infliximab was the most effective treatment I had ever had, the only problem is as soon as I came off it I immediately declined. I could even feel my symptoms re-emerging as the days since my last treatment expanded.

      1. Thank you everyone for your responses and encouraging messages. I am starting on infliximab at the end of this week after many months of waiting! Very pleased the time has finally come and still thinking of those that are waiting and suffering, hold on and don't give up you will get there! 💪

        Will let you all know how I get on. Stay safe!

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