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Are biologics a good prevention regardless of side effects?

Diagnosed: 20 years ago in 2000
Surgery: 2007 I had a colostomy bag fitted / reveresed 9 months later
2019 I had another major op with a section removed
Medication: Azathioprine and 10 years of Infliximab - currently just Aza

Hi all!

Thought I'd give the main headlines above - it's a shame we can't all do the same in a signature to give a quick insight into each of our unique cases, unless I'm missing the option?

I had another surgery at the end of last year after becoming severly ill after being pretty stable with 10 years on infliximab.

So 3 months after surgery (which was a year ago at the end of the month, bonkers!) The plan was to resume Aza and a biologic, which one exactly was to be decided. I asked what the decision was behind starting a biologic and the choice of which one...the consultant then went and ask a more senior consultant who suggested we just start Aza, have a colonoscopy in 6 months and then make a decision...

So colonoscopy is clear but I'm confused if I should continue as is or start a biologic as well as an extra layer of defense... obviously I'll be seeking their guidance but what would you do?

It's easy to think of medication whether that's tablets/intravenous/injection as a good positive thing...but they all do come with their own side effects which makes every decision so difficult to make.

Hope everyone is doing well 😀

  1. Hey ,

    No, you're not missing the option, but it's a good idea!

    I can only really say what I would personally do. I think, if it were me, and the Aza seemed to be keeping me stable I would just stick with it. In fact, that's what I have done in the past. Didn't see the point in having something additional just for the sake of it. Plus, how would you even know if it works for you if there's nothing to calm down? It might be that whatever they started you on didn't work for you anyway, which you would only find out when you flared again. You'd never know if the flare would have come a little earlier had you not been on it. Does my thought process make sense? lol

    - Sahara (team member)

    1. Hi Sahara,

      Thanks for the reply and apologies for the delayed reply, didn't receive a notification.

      Yes, you make absolute sense! And in fact, it mirrors what happened...after discussing with my consultant we agreed given it's a long fight we should keep everything in reserve that we may need at a later date.

      Thanks again for the reply, it's appreciated.

    2. Not to worry 😀

      I'm glad you made a decision you are comfortable with - that's all that matters at the end of the day.

      - Sahara (team member)

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