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Burning sensation and pins and needles

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum I’ve had ulcerative colitis for about 4 years now at first it was minor with mucous in my stools but no diarrhea just some constipation I was also diagnosed with GERD. Just recently I took rifaximin to battle off sibo and it threw me into a horrible flare. Mainly burning sensation in my lower abdomen and constipation along with severe bloating I also get hemorrhoids because of the constipation. Does anyone else experience this ? Also I have been taking a probiotic called mutaflor that on the first day made me feel 10x better but second day flare came back worse has anyone else had any experiences with mutaflor probiotics?

  1. Hi @davidr916. I have no experience with this probiotic. I take a probiotic called Orthobiotic. It helps me stay regular. I am so sorry you are going through this. I found the bloating to be intense when I had SIBO. Perhaps you still have it? Definitely stay away from sugar and carbs as it tends to feed the SIBO. -Elizabeth (team member)

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