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Can blood tests show IBD??

Hi everyone,

Me again! 🙈😂

Hope you are all well!! ☺️

For the past week I’ve had a terrible flare up, including horrendous pains in my lower stomach (just below the belly button), a mix of diarrhoea and constipation, blood and mucus in stools, nausea and mild vomiting (which was mainly just water). I rang my consultants Secretary to see if they could give me any indication of when my Colonoscopy/Biopsies might be but they said due to Covid, the waiting list is very long and it could be months away.

So I got in touch with my GP who asked me some questions over the phone and told me to come into the surgery. After asking a few more questions, he felt my stomach and done an internal examination of my back passage, which both seemed normal like they always do.

He’s decided to send me for Blood Tests as I haven’t had any done in nearly two years and was just wondering if IBD may show on these??


  1. Hi .

    Yes, inflammation can show up in bloods - this is usually a C-reactive protein (CRP) test. A stool sample to check Calprotecting levels is also a pretty easy way to see if something is going on.

    Important to note that for a fair few of us, these may come back within normal ranges, but our IBD is actually still active.

    Hope you get some answers!

    ~ Sahara (team member)

    1. Hi @SaharaFleetword-Beresford,

      Hope you’re well and Thanks for your reply!

      Ahh right, okay. Is a CRP test done within a full blood count or do GP’s have to request that as an individual one? It didn’t mention anything about a CRP test on my blood test forms, just Diabetes, Anaemia, Coeliac Disease, ESR and a Full Blood Count.

      I’ve already provided a stool sample to check my Cal-protection levels and they were normal. It’s good and useful to know though that many people have had normal ranges after having these tests but their IBD is still active.

      I’m still waiting to get a Colonoscopy and Biopsy and have a bit more faith in getting more answers from them.

      Thanks again

      1. Hi again ! 😀

        The doctor would need to request a CRP test. The ESR is also to measure inflammation, so that might be useful.

        I really help you get your colonoscopy done soon! It's frustrating waiting when you feel rubbish!

        ~ Sahara (team member)

      2. Hi @SaharaFleetwood-Beresford,

        Thanks for you reply!

        Ahhh right, okay. All my blood tests came back clear, including the ESR.

        I really hope I get the Colonoscopy done soon too. I’m hoping with the UK slowly coming out of lockdown, it might speed things up regarding the waiting list.


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