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Can excessive protein cause ulcerative colitis?

My mother seems to think that my "excessive protein intake" could have caused my moderate/severe ulcerative colitis. I've always lifted weights many times per week and eaten in excess of 160/170g of protein per day usually coming from chicken breast. I just want to know if this has any research of if anyone has ever heard of a problem like this. Apparently high protein causing high acidity levels in my gut? never heard of anything like this. I thought it was mostly just bad luck from the auto immune diseases.

  1. , we appreciate you reaching out. Current research indicates there may be multiple factors like genes, immune system, and environment that can lead to IBD. I included an article that may be of interest - Hope this helps. Wishing you well. -Jessica, Team Member

    1. hi I'm currently in a flare, how you doing

      1. I am doing better, I left the hosptial yesterday after 11 days. I've been put on prednisone and mesalamine for the next several weeks in hopes that I can continue trending towards remission. Im constantly worried that the bloody bowel movements will come back or get worse, but so far I'm doing ok. I really don't want to have to get on remicade or something like that

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