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In your opinion, what is the worst symptom of Crohn's or colitis?

What is the number one symptom you wish would just instantly disappear?

  1. It's a toss up for me - excruciating abdomnial pain or crippling fatigue. Both invisible, difficult to explain, or get help with.

    Great question !

    1. The fatigue is really bad especially when people think you're being lazy.

    2. You talk about rare! I have only heard of one person that had this symptom with Crohn's .... my NOSE! I finally decided to go to an ear nose and throat and my appt. is today, my doctor made the appt. this symptom feels like this.... super glue has gone crazy in my nose. It's a drawing like symptom that gets worse the longer you ignore it. It's just like super glue, when you try to take it out, it takes a layer of skin with it. And it's really really hard to remove and it bleeds, then I apply saline on a Q-tip then I apply Mentholatum (it's like Vicks). it makes it feel livable but then I start sneezing and have to blow my nose and start all over again. Help...

  2. I’m with Amanda. It’s the fatigue for me too. Nothing worse than being bed ridden.

    1. , You've got that right! Thanks for sharing - Pam (team member)

    2. Amen to that. Being bedridden can be so depressing. I've been there too, many times. I hope you are feeling okay lately. Hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

  3. , The number one symptom I wish would just instantly disappear is the lack of will to survive or, do anything I'm passionate about. It's almost as if I've been fluoridated, like I am a prisoner in a Nazi encampment, and the will to fight and survive is not even in my nature any longer.
    The best "big-pharma" commercial for an UC/Crohn's medication is one in which a young lady goes on stage to perform with her band. She picks up the microphone and then abruptly puts it back in the mic stand and walks off stage, holding her lower abdomen - as the band stops playing and looks at each-other, as if to be saying, "WTF???"

    1. I feel you and I understand you. We are humans too and the only pain we may face doesn't come from IBD. We may have a break-up, loose a friend, depression... these hurt! There was a time that I wanted to die! It was my second flare-up and I have UC Pancolitis. I was weak and tired. I was living with my parents. Being in your 20s should be the best days of your life but for me it was pain and stress.
      I healed by taking corticosteroids and of course I had more flare-ups after that. But that one was the worst. I learned that I should raise my voice and ask for help when I'm in need. Knowing that there are people that understand you and support you is really important specially your doctor. Mine wasn't a supportive doctor. In Iran doctors treat their patients like shit, they speak to you like you're their servant. Experiencing all of these made me stronger emotionally. Ask for help and stay positive friend ♥️

    2. i need to ask for help to change brief. My parents changed me growing up. I never even noticed my brief being full.

  4. It is just as much, an affliction - of the mind, as it is - of the gut.

    1. I hear you. This is so true. You aren't alone! -Elizabeth (team member)

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