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Covid improving symptoms??

I am a new arrival to IBD, I've been having severe GI symptoms - abdominal and back pains, extreme bloating, frequent hard stools and rectal bleeding - for months now, triggered by a difficult and lengthy miscarriage (involving a traumatic and unsuccessful surgery). The symptoms have not been improving despite all my best efforts with my diet, hydration and exercise and my GP has now referred me for a sigmoidoscopy so I hope I am on my way to some answers.
I have daily symptoms... except for the past few days. I've just caught Covid for the first time - I've had an excruciating sore throat and cough but strangely my digestive symptoms have lessened. Is this just a coincidence? This is the most relief I have felt in some time, I realise I don't know enough yet about the possible causes of GI symptoms but if my immune system has been malfunctioning in relation to my digestive tract is it possible that having an actual virus to attack has given it something better to do? Or could it be the whole system has just stopped - the 'fight or flight' response - as has been suggested in relation to my miscarriage experience. I know this must sound mad but I think that is probably the point I am at after a year in and out of hospital and being unable to function normally.
Any thoughts appreciated.

  1. sigmoid is no fun, got that once when I was young, never again.

    anyway....what is your diet specifically, everything, tell me..what you eat & DRINK??

    My UC has been in remission since 14'...22' scope showed zero UC and zero polyps, etcc.. I am 53 yr old male. My mother lost her colon to UC.

    If your stool has blood, tar, mucous, pus.....have DR prescribe mesalamine enemas, not suppositories, and not corticosteroid. Stop all fiber intake during a week of enemas. Give your bowels a vacation, If the emema works then you usually will see better stool almost right away.

    1. Thanks for your reply - the sigmoidoscopy wasn't as bad as the procedures for the miscarriage but I'd definitely agree I'd not be keen to have another if possible. I've managed to make some signficant improvements by stopping the supplement I was on and also following a gluten-free and low fructan diet which seems to be helping a lot and also helping me to pinpoint where particular foods have caused a problem (as opposed to before where it was just bad all the time).
      Thanks for the tip on the enemas, I did find that the process of clearing for the sigmoidoscopy did help to calm everything - as you say like a vacation! - so I'd definitely consider this type of treatment in the future.

  2. how are you doing now, and how did the sigmoidoscopy go?
    It sounds like you've had one hell of a ride. I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Medical trauma is certainly no joke, and to have experienced that on top of what was already an awful time is heartbreaking.
    Honestly, I'd just be guessing if I were to say what I think about COVID improving symptoms. Likely along the same lines as your guesses! Usually, when I've seen people talking about COVID in the IBDSuperHeroes FB group, it's been the opposite.
    - Sahara (team member)

    1. Thanks for your reply, the sigmoidoscopy showed a normal bowel and no polyps which is good news but of course slightly frustrating in relation to the ongoing symptoms..
      I did have a bit of a breakthrough though with the COVID experience - I think I always knew the idea of COVID helping was never going to be true, however, the relief I was experiencing was real and now I have been able to work out why! It was because while I was sick I stopped taking the methylfolate supplement I was on (to keep my folate levels up, as recommended for pre-conception/pregnancy). I just forgot to take it and then couldn't be bothered, and after a few days the pains had dramatically reduced and the daily rectal bleeding that I'd had for months just completely stopped. I hadn't realised at this point but it became clear when I started taking the supplement again and the issues returned straight away, I was astonished.
      I also had a micronutrient test and it showed my folate levels had doubled from previous tests I'd had and I'd gone from the bottom end of the normal range right to the top. Following some research, I have seen this supplement has been linked to digestive issues but my own personal theory is that I was pushing my body beyond it's limits with the supplement so it was trying constantly to flush out the excess (I remember noticing that no matter how much water I drank it would go straight through and I'd feel so dried out inside, leading to the constipation and bleeding). Stopping the supplement has stopped all of this 'drying out' and I am so much better and the issues are so much milder and I am now working on more improvements through a gluten free and low fructan diet.

      1. This is such great news. I'm so happy that you found the root cause to some of your symptoms and were able to see such a dramatic improvement once you figured it out. I hope you continue to improve. Gluten free helped me tremendously. I go a step further now and eliminate wheat overall and it has been such a huge improvement to my symptoms. Big big hugs to you, Elizabeth (team member)

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