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Crohn's and Sinus infections


Over the past ten years I have noticed that my worst flare ups requiring hospitalizations have started with sinus infections.

My theory is that the antibiotics prescribed to fight the sinus infections throws off the flora in my gut which eventually leads to a flare up.

I've mentioned this to my doctors and they are not fully on board yet with this. However, this is something I will follow up on my next sinus infection. I guess that after I see my GP I will also visit my gastro just to be ready.

I find this funny, because of the current on-going poll about seasonal changes affecting IBD symptoms. For many years I had been telling my gastro that when there large daily temperature swings it would affect my Crohn's symptoms for many years he would tell me there had been no known correlations, until recently. I hate this disease it can make you think you are going crazy.

Regards to all my fellow IBD travelers

  1. Thanks for sharing jay2cee! One of our contributors also wrote an article about how summer/heat affects her UC/IBD: It's interesting to hear from community members if seasonal changes do make a difference since we're all so different!

    Thanks again for sharing - be sure to keep us posted!

    - Susan ( Team Member)

    1. This disease most certainly can make you feel like you are going crazy!! But you aren't I promise!! lol I have been getting many sinus infections since moving up north and I haven't noticed a correlation to a flare up...but I am thinking maybe since I'm now on the Crohn's medication, it lowers the immune system...I think that may be why I'm more susceptible to getting them than the normal person. I actually got a sinus infection and a double ear infection last time I traveled, so I feel your pain. I consistently flare during the summer months, I find that odd too. So I definitely think that the season changes mess with my IBD!

      1. Thank you for commenting and for sharing your experiences - we appreciate it! - Susan ( Team Member)

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