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Hi all,

Hoping someone can help. I went to the GP back in November. My main symptom was loosing blood while opening my bowels.
I've had urgent bowel movements and periodic loose stools for years, and frequency alters daily. (On a bad day it can be 6 times, on a good, only once). I had a FIT test done and this came back positive, then an inflammation stool test, which was also positive. My blood work was slightly strange, no anemia but my CRP levels and ALT levels were raised. There is a family history of colitis. I was referred for an urgent colonoscopy which nearly 5 months down the line I am still waiting for.

I am still experiencing sporadic blood, all the bowel symptoms and a lot of discomfort in my tummy. I have figured out myself certain foods just aren't good. Cheese, which I love, gives me pain and bloating.

I'm really struggling with this now, and I don't seem to be getting anywhere with appointments. I'm just at a loss as to what to do.

  1. I am so sorry you are going through all of these symptoms. Your doctor has not released the results from your colonoscopy over 5 months ago? That is alarming. I imagine you have called for the results and they are not providing them? If your CRP levels are raised, that is an indication of Inflammatory Bowel Disease like Crohn's Disease. Although that test alone doesn't mean you have IBD. I am shocked your doctor has not gotten back to you. Typically the colonoscopy will be the final say. Did you doctor take biopsies during the procedure? So sorry you are going through this. Is it possible to see another doctor? In the meantime are you doing anything diet wise to help? Or supplements to offer extra support? Hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

    1. I have both IBS and ischemic colitis and so also have issues with bleeding and urgent bathroom issues. I am able to eat Tillamook cheese but other types of cheese does not work for my health issues and causes IBS issues. Sorry you are going through what you are dealing with. I wish you the best.

      1. Hi , any updates in the past couple days? I see that Elizabeth interpreted your comment to mean that you hadn't gotten your colonoscopy results back yet. I was thinking you meant you haven't been able to get in for a colonoscopy yet. Would you be able to clarify? Hopefully, as it's been three days, you've heard from the doctor and are moving in the right direction, but, if not, I would encourage you to continue to reach out to them, and even try looking for a new doctor (if that's feasible for you). You deserve to have support and get some answers! Sending you gentle hugs. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

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