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Doctor "95% sure it's ulcerative colitis"

Hi everyone,

I'm Paul and I thought I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis last summer but when the test results came back from the sample they took, I was told it was just some other form of inflammation.

Fast forward 12 months and suddenly I have blood and mucus in my stool. I went to see a different doctor at a clinic that has a great reputation for bowel conditions and they told me, judging from the colonoscopy, that he is 95% sure it is UC.

I have a question though, my symptoms have only been blood and mucus in my stool (for around four weeks), no pain, no discomfort at all. Could it be possible that it's something else? It is probably worth noticing that the images of my colon showed that the inflammation was quite severe this year, but only a very slight amount last year. Last year I had constant water-like diarrhea but this year it was more like constipation and sometimes thick, yellow mucus that came out with blood and nothing more most of the time.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Hi ! Thanks so much for reaching out. Unfortunately, symptoms of UC and Crohn's can really present themselves so differently in everyone. So, while having no pain or discomfort, it could absolutely be possible that you still have UC. If your current doctor is 95% sure it's UC, I would urge you to get another opinion to confirm that what your doctor is seeing is accurate. There are different Diagnostic Tests and Procedures to accurately diagnosis UC. I'm attaching an article here that explains them:
    It might be helpful to go over further testing with your doctor. I hope this helps. Please keep us updated on how you are! - Pam (team member)

    1. I’ve had that….many of the symptoms of UC I didn’t have except blood & mucus, no pain or discomfort. However almost 2 yrs later I’m having a flair & the discomfort is now there, not quite pain but close.

      1. when I first started with symptoms - it was loose stools, blood mucus and urgency… not in pain at all. It wasn’t till months later I started experiencing pain and other secondary symptoms.

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