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Does anyone do a meal plan kit? If so which one and why?

I've tried different meal planning companies but haven't really found one I like. I tried the ones where you cook the meal and the ones where the meal comes cooked and you just heat it up.

  1. The only ones that I have done are Daily Harvest. They come frozen and I love their smoothies and soups so it is easy to just add your liquid of choice, blend and go 😀 I also like that they are frozen so that I can use them as I want and don't feel compelled to eat them immediately.

    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. Thanks Julie. I have seen their ads a lot and the smoothies look really good. I'm a smoothie girl so I'll definitely look into this.

      -Elizabeth (team member)

  2. I buy those every once in a while at the supermarket (where everything you need to cook is one box). It definitely makes life easier.

    The issue I have with it is there are so many things I can't eat, so often things in the box I can't use. This is why, more often than not lately, I just make my own meals.

    One great thing about covid-19 is it has made everyone into a better chef! I lived in NYC for almost twenty years and barely every cooked. Now I cook every meal just about. I like learning and improving.

    Do you recommend any particular meal plan kit for IBD? I think there is a good idea there....for a IBD-Centric Meal Plan.

    Matt (Team Member)

    1. nagin,

      Oh yes, I have seen the ones at the grocery store too. But like you, I always have an issue with not being able to have some of the ingredients which throws the whole meal off.

      Someone really needs to make an IBD friendly meal kit!

      Best, Elizabeth (team member)

  3. I'm here because our teenage son has just been dx'd with UC... then, maybe CD... and at this point, the docs are still not sure... meanwhile, he's been losing weight like crazy. I work - full time work and full time mom - and, so I found modify health.

    I just ordered a full 7 meal dinner week to try it out and see if he can tolerate it but he's also a very difficult, picky eater... I'll loop back with reviews once we get it and try it for the first week.

    1. We love Hello Fresh but I always have to watch for and tweak their recipes based on my trigger foods.

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