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endoscopy and colonoscopy

im 17 and my stomachs been hurting after like every time i eat for about a month, i was vomiting like crazy one day and ended up in the ER and they gave me meds to help me stop vomiting and a strong antacid, i’ve been feeling slightly better after the antacid but not really, i had to get an endoscopy and colonoscopy done and everything looked fine to the naked eye and they took biopsy’s but i’m still waiting for the results, i feel like they’ll say everything came back great, my inflation markers are in range and my bloodwork is perfect, but i still feel like something’s wrong, has a similar situation happened to anyone else, could it all be from stress?

  1. Hi . Others in the community have definitely expressed similar stories and frustrations. Dr. Nandi has some great videos and posts about diagnosis and the many different tests that can be involved. You can find them all here: I would just urge you to keep advocating for yourself when you know something is not right. I hope others will weigh in with their experiences too. -Graceann (Team Member)

    1. I can honestly say that many in the community have experienced the same thing. When do you get your biopsy results back?

      ~ Sahara (Team member)

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