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Erythema nodosum on bottom of feet

Hi everyone, I am new to this community but have been living with Crohn's disease basically my entire life as I was diagnosed as an infant. I am wondering if anyone else gets erythema nodosum on the bottoms of their feet? I have never had this until recently and it is quite painful. I don't get this anywhere else, just on the bottom of my feet. I start to notice that I am getting a sore spot then it develops into a very painful reddish purple tender spot with no blister or anything and it throbs and makes it hard to walk for about a week then goes away mostly, sometimes leaving a small purple mark. The weird thing is, I don't seem to have many other symptoms indicating a flare, maybe just some mild digestive issues and fatigue. I try to get in to have my doctor look at them but typically by the time I get an appointment, the spot has gone down.

  1. I've never had this symptom, but I suggest next time it happens take pictures of the area and send them to your doctor. At least then the doc can see what your talking about.

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