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Do you feel extra fatigue when on an anti-inflammatory diet?

So... I was just recently diagnosed with UC. I'm in remission so usually, I feel pretty good stomach wise. My primary doctor put me on an anti-inflammatory diet (no gluten, no processed sugars, no processed diary, no nightshades) and it seems to be doing alright, but I have been really draggy and tired. My theory is that I'm not eating enough because I am having trouble finding things on plan. Has anyone else had trouble with extra fatigue while on a diet like this? If so, what did you do?

  1. This is really common when starting a diet that restricts the amount of refined carbs and sugars in your diet. It is normally called the "hangover" phase where you just feel lethargic and fatigued, but the good news is that it typically goes away in 10-14 days. I would monitor your energy levels and if you still feel sluggish, check in with your GI to make sure your labs look ok. Hope this helps!

    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. Ah! Thank you! That makes sense. 😀

      1. You're welcome, !
        Happy to help 😀

        --Julie (Team Member)

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