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How can I be sure to find a good doctor?

My previous Dr. retired and went through 2, to present one. He is not helping. Now to see a specialist, you need referrals, and I'm tired of going to Dr. after Dr., its bad having Crohn's. Thank you

  1. Hi - Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a doctor that really feels like a partner. Since everyone with IBD is unique and every doctor is unique, it can be tricky to find the right one for you (much like any relationship!). We'd encourage you to keep trying to find someone that works for you and to be up front about what you need and want, essentially your deal breakers when it comes to doctors! If you're looking for someone who treats aggressively, let them know that's what you're looking for.

    Please keep us posted on your search - we are here for you!

    - Susan ( Team Member)

    1. Thank you got your story, you have given me hope and good solid advice.

  2. My advice would be to go via recommendations. See what doctors multiple friends suggest is good. Also, a key element is not just how skilled the doctor is but how available. My doctor for many years was highly capable but never around when I was in a jam. My new doctor gets back to me if I have an emergency right away. That's valuable.

    You may have to make appointments with a few doctors until you find one you like. It's worth it. For me at least, I like to do it this way. Then, once I settle on a doc, I stick with him/her for a while. Anyway, that's my advice. Hope you feel better!


    Matt (Team Member)

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