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going off to college with ibd

After spending a few weeks getting acclimated to this forum, I finally feel comfortable to ask a question that has been asked to me by multiple 17-18 year olds in the groups I run that are going off to college. (asking for myself as well). Many of them have spent most of their teenage years in hospitals or dealing with being constantly sick. They also have had a parent somewhat guiding them through the steps, helping them get their meds, dealing with insurance and talking to their doctors. Now they have finally graduated and are turning 18, it is time for them to become independent young adults. Of course insurance is still covered until they turn 21 but being independent is still pretty daunting. Questions like how am I supposed to cover med bills? When I go to college, how do I find a doctor? What do I do about stress and assignments? Will my 504 carry me through college? What happens if my insurance stops covering stuff? You get the gist. There are a ton of questions being thrown my way that I am trying to figure out myself. Therefore, I am turning to you all to see if someone can link me to some answers so that I can in turn help my group find some answers. -Leah, on behalf of all the lost young adults going to college. p.s. writing with a migraine so excuse the spelling and punctuation

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