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Gut friendly snacks

Hi everybody! I just finished a round of Prednisone and it always leaves me hungry, constantly hungry. What are yalls favorite snacking foods?

  1. Hi , I have a feeling this will be a great thread! I wanted to chime in with a blog post that was published on the site last year with some "safe" snack items (in quotation marks because of course that varies greatly from person to person).

    Here's the link:

    Looking forward to hearing from some others on their go-to snack ideas.

    Kindly, Crystal (IBD team)

    1. I am pretty sure I could go on forever on this thread!

      I have had so many periods of only being able to eat certain things, so actually, what I can snack on has often varied a lot.

      Rice crispy squares, rice pudding pots, crisps, sweets, chocolate, biscuits, bananas, smooth peanut butter, marshmallows, cheese dippers, boiled eggs, noodles are all things I have snacked on when I have had to avoid fibre. Certain cereals too - obviously not crunchy nut lol.

      When I didn't need to have a low fibre diet (like now), I try to snack on fruit and veg a fair bit. I actually just graze throughout the day most days anyway, and then have a larger evening meal. So, things I can just take out of the cupboard/fridge are always a favourite of mine so it doesn't disrupt my walk day! So, I still munch on all of the above, but break it up with more fruit and veg like radishes, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks etc. I have to be mindful of how much fruit/veg I eat in one go, and what I eat it with. I have an ileostomy and it like starchy foods/carbs at the same time!

      ~ Sahara (team member)

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