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Pelvic pain and lower back aches with Crohn’s

Does anyone else experience lower back pain and pelvic aches with Crohn’s disease?

  1. Yes. I have experienced joint pain since I was diagnosed in 1988. Unfortunately, its part of having IBD. Everyone has different levels of joint pain with IBD but I would talk with your doctor or GI for different options.
    Are you taking any medications for your Crohn's?
    Let us know how you get on.
    Vern - IBD Team Member

    1. Thankyou for your reply. I’m not currently on any medication, I was diagnosed in 2020 and was on a course of prednisolone for 8 weeks. Since then I’ve managed with diet as my appointments keep getting cancelled! I think I’m going through a flare or beginning to so I’m getting on the phone today!!

      1. Good idea. I was asking because biologics are not only helpful for Crohn's but also for inflammation in your joints. Did you have the back pain etc while on prednisolone? Or did it start after?

    2. I don’t actually remember if I had back pain before. I was so unwell with the Crohn’s flare that every part of me felt like it was shutting down. I’ve honestly never felt so sick before as I’m sure most people with IBD feel when going through a flare. I’m feeling much better today too. I’ve eaten without pain or urgency plus bleeding seems to have stopped! (Touch wood!!) still can’t get hold of the Crohn’s team at my hospital though!

      1. Yes we have all been there. The flares take everything out of me as well. I am so glad you are feeling better though sorry you are unable to get hold of your Team. Do you have a regular GI? Not through the hospital.

    3. I don’t have anyone that I’ve seen since I was diagnosed. I had a telephone appointment in March ‘21 and not heard or spoken to anyone since as I’ve been managing with diet and exercise on my own!

      1. Maybe have your regular GP refer you to another gastroenterologist.

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