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Help!! Feel like I’m passing shards of glass when passing a stool.

Hi!! Hope everyone is well.
For a while now I’ve been experiencing

  1. You may have an anal fissure. I referred to the feeling as have an apple corer stuck up your rump. Very painful. If you strain when you go this can happen. I've had two anal fissure repair surgeries. I'd get it checked out.

    1. Oh right, okay and yeah, I completely get why you’d refer it to that. It’s horrendous! I don’t think I’m straining but maybe I’m doing it without realising and is there treatment to try or is surgery the only way to help get rid of them?

      Danielle ☺️

      1. My only recourse was surgery 🙁 But it is possible yours is different that's why I would head to a colon rectal specialist to get checked out. Good luck!

        1. Oh right, okay and thank you!

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