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High CalProtectin treatment

My daughter has UC and just recently did an annual stool test and came back with high CalProtectin results. The results are the highest she has ever had. Generally, she has no major symptoms at the moment and seems generally healthy. Without the test, we would say everything is normal. Knowing our doctor - he is going to suggest a colonoscopy after taking a second test. I understand his reasoning, but she has gone through 2 (while in a flare) and generally, they seem to send her South for a month or 2. We honestly would prefer to not do the colonoscopy but are looking for alternatives (can we increase meds, diet changes, consequences of playing the wait it out game). Does anyone have any experiences with this?

  1. Hi . First, let me say that it is great that you are advocating on behalf of your daughter and have sought out a place you can get information and support. It is correct that the colonoscopy is often the next step after a high calprotectin result. Given that the doctors have a history of test results for your daughter, including colonoscopies, it could be possible to just try to adjust her meds or, given the lack of new symptoms, opt to wait and see if numbers improve. Each case is individual, so this will all depend on her specifics. In addition, I did find this research article on an alternative to a colonoscopy for intermediate and low-risk patients with gastrointestinal symptoms: You could ask if something like this is an option. Hoping you can get some answers and please feel free to keep us posted on how things are going. This community is here for both of you. Best, Richard (Team Member)

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