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How did you achieve remission of Crohn's?

What helped you the most to induce remission of Crohn's?

  1. 6.5 yrs ago, I started bi-weekly injections of Humira, 40ml pens, and achieved remission within a few months, which has lasted 6.5 yrs now. It's been nice, no regrets! No side effects thus far, either. I get yearly skin checks, tho, as it can cause some skin cancers. All biologics can cause some sort of cancer, tho.

    1. IBD is a very personal thing, in that we all experience it differently. How the disease manifests, symptoms, triggers, what food and drink we can tolerate, and what treatment helps relieve symptoms, varies from person to person.
      Tips to identify and manage triggers for Crohn's or UC miight be a useful read.
      ~ Sahara (team member)

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