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How much time deos it take to cure Chron's disease?

My father was operated in 2020 and IC resection was done after the 6 months the pain started again. continuing the medication since 2 years now but still the it pains regularly.

When would this stop, we are scared now and cannot afford a surgery.

  1. Sorry to hear he is still not doing well but unfortunately there is no "cure" for IBD currently. We only have remission. I have had multiple resections over the years and I would be in remission for a while but it would come back in the spot where the resection happened. Have they tried any biologics? They seem to be the best medications for IBD currently in my opinion. He might be on medications for the rest of his life.
    I know it's not what you wanted to hear but this disease is unrelenting and lifelong. It's going to come and go.
    Let us know how he gets on.
    Vern - IBD Team Member

    1. Send me a private message

    2. Done

  2. In 2020 after surgery did he change his diet or hydration rate or did he make no dietary changes? IBD issues in all their forms, take discipline, fortitude, and sticktoitiveness....when symptoms are gone, it doesn't mean anything is fully healed, you have to commit to what works cousin goes back every 7 years for resection for Crohn's, each time a harder recovery....I have told him what I did for remission of UC since 14' but he only tried one of my suggestions and didn't even follow thru with just that one thing....does your stool have pus, tar, mucous, blood? If yes see if you can get meslamine enemas, and use gravity to pull that enema Into your intestines, and stop all fiber during enemas so your bowels can rest and heal, just go liquid, once stool looking good, then hydrate every day with coconut water, which hydrates & is a natural inflammatory, inner-eco LIVE liquid probiotic is fantastic, as well as combined with a coconut milk yogurt a day,

    1. Right now the stool is completely fine and all the things look pretty good except the pain, the pain is strong and repeats in a day or two. Everything was pretty fine for like a year after the surgery, by the way the surgery was done as the intestine shrinked cause of TB.

  3. If stool is ok, I would hydrate every day with coconut water 1/2 to 1 liter a day and see what happens
    What does he eat?

    1. regular indian food, roti, rice, bread, curry

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