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Inflammation of the Ileum?!

I'm wanting to hear from anyone with crohns or UC that has had inflammation of their Ileum before or even suspected inflammation in that part of the intestine.

For over a year I've been having various complications with suspected blockages, strictures and now suspected inflammation of my ileum.

Ive had a full colonoscopy done recently and my large intestine and colon are pretty much normal, no issues there. I'm going for more tests soon to check out the small bowel but just wanted to see what sort of symptoms others had with this and what the plan of action was once diagnosed and how you improved...

I've been having constipation & diarrhoea. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pains, the whole works! Keen to get to the bottom of this....

thanks everyone and stay safe!

  1. I had an obstructed ileum. I had pain a little under my navel and low right side. I knew I was in trouble when I thought I had stomach flu and it did not resolve in 12 hrs. My body worked so hard my husband said it looked like I was a soaker hose. Don't wait too long to go in. Get a ct scan. Best wishes!

    1. Oh, I did not improve I had ileosecal re-section. They took my ileosecal valve and now diarrhea is even worse. It is the valve that controls how much liquid goes into colon. Yikes! So go in before its too late!

      1. most common site for crohns after colon is ileum. I have had a total colectomy so don’t experience much of the type of symptoms mainly associated with colon. My GI said crohns in small bowel produces few symptoms until something goes wrong like, fistula or structure or abscess etc

        1. I got my MRI Results back and have confirmed active Crohns Disease in a section of my small bowel. I've to start Adalimumab treatment ASAP.
          Just thought id share this for anyone who may be having similar symptoms!

          1. I hope you see an improvement in your symptoms really soon!

            ~ Sahara (team member)

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