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Let's get straight to the point of (sex)

So I have just started treatment of adalimumab and let's just say I seem to have lost feeling in my female bits. I feel like I had the same problem when on azathioprine. Has anyone else experienced anything like this really do not want to bring this up to my Dr. I am not on any antidepressants

  1. I never lost feeling but definitely my sex drive disappeared when I was on Azathioprine. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Some drugs may bring down your sex drive. Best to bring it up to the Dr. I was on methotrexate before my ileostomy a month ago, and it brought my sex drive down quite a bit. They effect us all differently.

      1. I've had a full hysterectomy and I am on vedolizamub fortnightly. And I have no sensation down below at all I'm willing just not able at all, penetration or feeling wise. It's a complete nightmare, totally frustrated 🥴

        1. Hi . Your frustration is certainly understandable. I did not find any research on vedolizumab and sexual function, but that absolutely does not mean there could not be a connection (my search is by no means exhaustive). There is research noting that a side effect of hysterectomy can be loss of sexual response (see:,all%20be%20seen%20post%2Dhysterectomy.) Has your doctor had any thoughts on potential causes and treatments? Hoping you can get some answers soon. Best, Richard (Team Member)

      2. My g.p is impossible to see. Or even phone so that's a no go . Thankyou for the link I shall take a look

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