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Making Alternate Plans For The Holidays

How are you and your family protecting yourself and others this holiday / winter season? How are you choosing to celebrate each holiday by safely social distancing and staying at home? Do you have any fun, special, unique plans or games to play while you're at home? Share your ideas so we can spread some positivity and fun ideas to get through these difficult times!

  1. Great questions. My advice is try to have as man activities outdoors as possible. This may not be possible for some. I am in Alabama right now so we can meet in the day outdoors and that is safer.

    I heard others are opening windows, which helps.

    Try to keep to small groups or do zoom holidays is what experts are saying. The covid numbers are really out of control so these extreme measures may be necessary.

    Matt (Team Member)

    1. My family and I did Thanksgiving outside this year. I live in Florida so the weather is absolutely perfect.

      We just gathered with our small intimate family which worked out quite nicely actually. Typically we gather in much larger numbers but having an intimate Thanksgiving this year was enjoyable. I think we may continue doing it this way actually.

      I second what Matt says. Being outdoors if possible is the best way in my opinion.

      -Elizabeth (team member)

      1. My husband and I decided to do our own Thanksgiving with our 14-month old daughter rather than seeing family as we felt it was too risky to see everyone.

        We hope to see immediate family for Christmas but asked everyone to quarantine for at least 10 days prior so that we can feel safe when visiting.

        And, since we live in a city, there are a lot of outdoor holiday activities to participate in like ice skating, food trucks, and holiday vendors.

        I would rather be overly cautious for one holiday in order to keep everyone safe and healthy!

        --Julie (Team Member)

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