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Medications covered by Medicare/Medicare supplement

Hello all,

Just curious what medications people are using in retirement while on Medicare. I’m a UC patient since 1987 and am currently managing well with Azulfadine and Entyvio infiusions (every 6 weeks). I’m closing in on retirement and have signed up for Medicare, but still using my employers BCBS.

I’m seeing the out of pocket costs for these biological through Medicare and they aren’t going to be affordable for me. Anyone else find the same?


  1. Hi . I can't personally speak to this issue, but I can tell you that infusions are covered differently than other drugs because they come under Part B, as opposed to Part D. Each state is a little different and for specific information it may be helpful to check with your State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP). Every state has one of these offices and you can find yours and other information on this SHIP page: Hopefully others will chime in with their experiences. Best, Richard (Team Member)

    1. Thanks Richard, I'll check it out!

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