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Is this Crohn's?

I had a colonoscopy last week but no-one explained the results. Basically the colonoscopy showed dilated vascular pattern throughout, then for the terminal ileum it showed ileitis with tiny aphthous ulcers. I have no follow up and was advised the GP will call with biopsy results after 2weeks-ish.

  1. Hi Nicky88,

    I wish I had a simple answer to share with you and I'm so sorry to hear that you're not getting the attention you deserve from your medical team. For many reasons, medical professionals need to be the ones to answer your question but in the meantime, I wanted to share some articles with you that goes in depth explaining more about Crohn's:

    This first article talks about how Crohn's is diagnosed and treated:

    This second article talks about some of the different types of Crohn's.

    I hope these help you while you wait for your official results.

    Crystal (IBD team)

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