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Menopause and Ulcerative colitis

Can anyone suggest if a patient under treatment of ulcerative colitis can take medicine to postpone periods.
Please help.

  1. Thank you for your question, @CommunityMember17. This is definitely something you want to address with your GI. Hope you are having a well day today!

    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. I second what Julie said. Definitely speak to your GI about this. I will add however, that if you find that your UC acts up more during your cycle that is normal. The same would happen to me. Periods were so hard to deal with. You aren't alone. -Elizabeth (team member)

      1. I found personally a direct correlation between a severe UC flare and beginning HRT bioidentical therapy in peri-menopause. I feel so much more integrative research needs to be done with regards to peri-menopause/menopause in women that trigger UC>IBD related symptoms. That it is not even taken into consideration by Gastro consultants is a gross negligence I feel.

        1. 🤗

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