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Mucus discharges without any other symptoms


For the past few weeks I have noticed that I have had mucus in a couple of my stools each day and sometimes have 'mucus flatulence'.

I called my doctor a couple of weeks ago and he thought is was probably just a stomach bug and not to worry - 2 weeks later I am wondering if this is just something that people with UC experience from time to time or if it is a sign of a flare up? Just to be clear, it is only mucus and my stools are normal 'snakes' and there is no blood.

I've noticed that weight training can sometimes make me have them and it's worth mentioning that I have a high protein diet so there is lot

Thanks in advance for any comments.

  1. I too have the same symptoms. If you get any good/informative responses, I'd love to know as well,

    1. Hi , thanks for reaching out! Mucus in your stool could happen for a variety of different reasons. Common reasons could be something along the lines of bacterial infections, anal fissures, a bowel obstruction, IBD or IBS. Often times these reasons are accompanied by symptoms such as stomach pain, cramping, or bloating, or sudden changes in stool frequency, consistency, or color. Sometimes, also, dehydration can even cause mucus from the colon to leave the body as well as certain diets (Food allergies, such as those associated with nuts, lactose, or gluten, can cause mucus in the stool). Of course, everyone is different, so if the problem is obvious or persists, I would absolutely recommend reaching out to your doctor, if you haven't already! Keep us updated on how you're doing, if you'd like! And of course, feel free to reach out anytime. -Pam (team member)

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