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Need help getting diagnosed??? In the uk

Hello I am having a big problem my general practitioner taking me seriously my occult test traced for blood but my colonoscopy came back normal I want to speak to a GI as I literally have all the chrons symtoms including the easily bruising and mouth ulcers my bloods are normal apart from elevated liver enzymes,i have had severe Uti which took months to get rid of which was from my bowels I believe, I have been getting sick non stop and have severe stomach distension,i ger constipation badly and taking a laxative can make me collapse in the toilet,I recently had what I believe was a partial blockage? What should I say to convince my doctor to refer me to a gastroenterologist? I really want the pill can? What else should I ask for an endoscopy? Any help on what I should do I'm in the UK thank you please help me I’m exhausted

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    This is so heartbreaking to hear. I'm in the USA so I'm not sure how it works in the UK.

    Firstly, can you change General Practitioners? If you can, I would asap. You deserve to be working with someone that believes you and is on your side to get you healthy.

    Secondly, maybe it would just be helpful to go to the Emergency Room so you can be treated quickly and get the proper tests done?

    Thirdly, here is an article that goes over all the diagnostic testing for Crohn's. Read it over and go over with it with your doctor. Push for the tests until you get solid answers as to why you are feeling so ill.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Sending strength your way,
    Elizabeth (team member)

    Reach out at anytime if you need anything else. We are here for you.

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      I am in the UK too, and usually, a high Calprotectin result may help you get a referral to a Gastro. Have they done a Calprotectin test? If not, try requesting one.

      - Sahara (team member)

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