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Newly diagnosed and terminated due to it

I am, or was I suppose, a temp for hire through a staffing agency for a large agricultural chemical manufacturing plant.

Started work 10/26. I started experiencing pain that night in left testicle and left groin area but it wasn't bad. On 10/28 the pain was bad enough that I informed my supervisor and he escorted me to the plant nurse. The nurse asked me a few questions and told me to leave and get it checked out and keep him updated as far as returning to work. I went to urgent care a little later that day instead of immediately (calling around for prices due to no insurance). The doctor performed a physical and she thought it was an inguinal hernia so she ordered an ultrasound but their radiologist wasn't in until morning. Updated the nurse and supervisor about what was going on. Went to my ultrasound the next day and it didn't show anything abnormal so they prescribed me an antibiotic and sent me on my way saying to rest over the weekend. I sent an update to the nurse and supervisor again. Monday morning, I stopped in and saw the nurse and have him the paperwork from the doctor. He said to let him know if anything changes. Worked that entire week without issue. Then come Sunday night, I go into work for my night shift (rotate every 2 weeks - days, nights and mids). After walking across the plant and getting changed into my uniform the pain returned but this time was up a little higher in my lower left abdomen. I spoke with my boss and told him I wasn't going to be able to work that night and I was going to go back and see the doctor in the morning since I finished my antibiotic and it came back. Went back and saw the doctor Tuesday morning and they examed more and ordered a CT scan. Had the CT scan done and it came back that I have diverticulosis and that my colon was inflammed (colitis). They sent me home with a kit for stool samples to check for any infections or if it is more in the autoimmune direction (UC or Crohn's). I informed work about the situation and the plant nurse replied "I'm glad you got it checked out further. Let me know how you are feeling for tomorrow and get paperwork from the doctor about when they feel you are cleared for return to work." I get a call this morning from my staffing agency that due to attendance issues, the client company says they no longer need me. He said it was due to missing work outside of the medical issue. He then said of I am still wanting to work with the staffing agency they might be able to find me something else. I wasn't there long at all but the only days I missed were due to this whole medical situation.

Looking for any tips or advice on this situation. Thanks!

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    I am really sorry this happened to you. From your story, it looks like you did everything by the book. Is there some HR department you can contact?

    In hindsight, I will say that I have also been terminated due to missing work because of health issues. I was glad in a way, because it just showed where I was working was not supportive of what I was going through. I feel like if I would have fought to stay, I just would have always been stressed. I'm wondering if you are able to apply elsewhere/are there other options you can look into for work. This could be a blessing in disguise, like you dodged a bullet of some sorts. Just a thought.

    Regardless, the situation still sucks and I'm sorry you were terminated so quickly. Just know you aren't alone.

    Gentle hugs,
    Elizabeth (team member)

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