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Nothing helps me feel better. Any suggestions?

Anybody else have Crohn's AND IBS? I'm on Entyvio now for my Crohn's and according to my scope, my Crohn's is being controlled (no inflammation) but I don't feel any better! They think I have IBS too. Nothing helps me feel better. Any suggestions for managing symptoms?

  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, . It's so frustrating when your scope looks fine but your symptoms are still active. I know some of our advocates wrote about similar experiences. I'll link them here for you!

    As far as managing symptoms goes: As a secondary part of a treatment strategy, some patients may also use other types of medications or supplements in order to provide some degree of additional symptom relief. Some of the most common types of medications or supplements for symptom management include:
    Pain relievers
    Iron supplements
    Vitamin B12 supplements
    Calcium and vitamin D supplements

    Of course some patients have also found relief with changes in diet, acupuncture, relaxation techniques, etc.

    You can dig in deeper here:

    I hope this helps and I hope you find some relief soon! Please know we're all here for you! - Pam (team member)

    1. Hi , I was diagnosed with Crohn's and IBS. It is sometimes hard to distinguish which is acting up. But I definitely struggle with major urgency some days which is hard. I typically stay home on these days.

      Pam pretty much summed it up but just to add, I find that diet change helps me a lot. I avoid wheat, dairy and sugar. I also take supplements like probiotics and Vitamin D. Depending how my blood labs are then I supplement on what is needed.

      As far as pain is concerned, I use CBD oil which helps me a lot. And I have a heating pad nearby always. I also use essential oils like Peppermint oil and Copaiba oil to help with abdominal cramping and pain.

      What symptoms are you dealing with exactly?

      Big hugs,
      Elizabeth (Team Member)

      1. I am sorry you are experiencing this . I have Crohn's but have many Crohn's w/ IBS patients as clients who I coach, and a change in diet typically helps, in addition to taking supplements as it was suggested above.

        The difficult thing about IBS is that it is not easy to pin down what is the cause so trial and error sometimes are your best bet.

        This article may also help in identifying some triggers for you, too.
        Hope this helps!
        --Julie (Team Member)

        1. Thank you all for your answers and suggestions. I will look into all of it! I've tried so many things in the past and nothing has helped, but I'll keep trying. My doctor has also talked about trying me on some IBS medication but I wanted to wait until after this pandemic since I can have some bad reactions to things. My doctor did also say that you can have Crohn's flares while on biologics, but we did some blood work that showed that I have no inflammation. Thanks for all your help. Nice to know I've got you all in my corner and that you all "get it." Thanks!
          Barb (aka )

          1. We are definitely in your corner and are rooting for you! Also, you might be interesting in our sister site dedicated to IBS. Here is the link if you're interested:

            Hugs, Elizabeth (Team Member)

          2. Thanks, Elizabeth!

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