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Pain in pelvis region

Do you get pain and scaldy feeling in lower pelvis region with uc

  1. Hi , thank you for taking the time to ask this question! I have had some issues with pelvic pain and UC pain. My doctors have said it might be referred pain, meaning that there is pain in another part of my body due to the issues in my colon. I do find that sometimes pelvic pain comes with diarrhea for me, so I believe it may be IBS related too.

    I do think it is worth checking with a doctor about pelvic pain. This type of pain can come from a lot of things and I wouldn't want to make any assumptions about it! Have you discussed your pain with a doctor? -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

    1. have before i meeting with them on sept 4th i have all wrote down the pain is in the pelvis region very low down near groin on both sides

    2. I'm really glad you have an appointment! It's great that you've written down your symptoms and will share them with your doctor. I hope they give you some answers. Please keep us updated! -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

  2. I will thanks xx

    1. Have ultra scan monday

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