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Possible IBD pregnant

Hi , so for three years I have had ongoing bowel symptoms I noticed blood in my stool first then pain. I went to doctors who referred me for a colonoscopy all came back normal apart from small ulcers in the small bowel , I had mri done all back normal so was discharged however my symptoms and pain starting to get worst loose stools, constipation and lower right pain no appetite bloating.
I paid private to see a consultant who agreed something was going on as my b12 was low and need injections for it too along with the symptoms happening more regularly. He transferred me to the NHS for tests I had a wirless capsule done that showed inflammation and a colonoscopy need to be repeated that came back as normal again but ulcers was still seen and some more developed but the wirless capsule showed inflammation. In may last year I had the worst flare yet and lost a stone in week I was given steroids but no long treatment or follow up treatment. My stool same was also high. It settled down but I keep experiencing pain and symptoms now still but yet I still not in treatment because they cant decide whenever its IBD or not. I so frustrated because this has been going on for three years. When the wirless capsule showed inflammation you think that be enough
I have also been admitted to hospital because of my stomach and ended up a number of times in hospital and now also pregnant.

  1. Hi , I'm so sorry that you are going through all this. Getting a diagnosis can be immensely frustrating and that stress never helps anyone. I really hope that your doctors can narrow down a treatment plan for you ASAP. In terms of your pregnancy, have you connected with an OBGYN and talked about what has been going on with your flares? It can be good try to connect all your doctors and make sure they are aware of all your health conditions during pregnancy. Let us know how you are doing and please keep us updated. We are here for you. <3 -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

    1. Sorry this is happening. It is hard not getting a diagnosis and feeling like you are in limbo land. I'm surprised you weren't diagnosed with IBD if there was inflammation found in the capsule study. Were biopsies taken in your colonoscopy? -Elizabeth (team member)

      1. Yes I had biopsies that came back normal but they'd found ulcers in the terminal illeum. I just worried this will effect the pregancy I know there is risks. The pregnancy wasnt planned yet as I was hoping to be sorted by then but yeah things happen.

      2. I have gone to pals about it all tbh because I been on no treatment and my symptoms just getting worst.

    2. Also my stool shown inflammation too but I haven't been on treatment to keep it under control.

      1. I think this is a great idea. I am so sorry that you've been struggling. That can't be pleasant for you, especially as you are pregnant. Please let us know what the consultant says! -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

      2. Keep us posted. How have you been feeling today? I hope you've had some improvement. Hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

    3. No ones got in contact with me still. I managing to eat a little but not as much still. Its mainly the pain and no appetite, along with conspitation but also mixe. I just feel really alone. As my gastroenterology dont seem to care seeing theres not an official diagnosied but I I arguing because the wirless capsule showed inflammation.

      1. . So he said it was complex because some of tests are showing crohns but some tests aren't. He asked about symptoms and diet at the moment and my weight he concered about as I'm only 57.1kg as last time I got weighed there I was 61.1kg. Because I I pregant I cant have some of the tests done. So he has sent all my images and tests results to a small bowl crohns specialist to see if they think its corhns. As in have uclers top of stomach and bottom. If they think it is indication along with my symptoms I will begin treatment and diagnosed with small bowel corhns. He would like me to increase my calories and introduce food but if I'm being honest its such as a struggle as I still in pain and have no appetite. He could feel some hard stool but he dont think I have a blockage. Any suggestions to help get things moving a little more. Hoping it wont be long he said if anything gets worst where I cant keep liquid down or the pain unbearable then it will be in hospital in the mean time while we wait for the specialist to look at the images.

      2. Hi , sorry for the late reply! I hope you have been doing better over the last few days. Have there been any updates? In terms of getting things moving, I sometimes will take some fiber gummies or try to take a long walk. Also, drinking more water helps me. However, since you are pregnant and already having trouble keeping things down, maybe talk with a OBGYN about how to handle constipation while pregnant? Please let us know how things have been going since we last talked! -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

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