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Have you been pregnant and on meds for IBD?

Anyone was pregnant and on biological meds? Any side effects? Which one would be considered safer during pregnancy?

I appreciate anyone can share their pregnancy experience while being on meds for IBD?

  1. Hi Sabaa! Great question. Many IBD medications are considered low risk for pregnancy and will be continued throughout the pregnancy. (However please consult your doctor as they have the most accurate information for your unique medical history).

    I'm also sharing a few articles that may help:

    1. This is from our editorial team and gives an overview of all things IBD and pregnancy-related, including exploring what effect IBD medication may have on pregnancy.

    2. One of community advocates offers 7 questions to ask your doctor. This might be helpful. One of those questions is "What is the plan regarding medication?"

    3. Another community advocate shares her list of questions regarding medication and pregnancy.

    I hope this helps! Welcome, and please let us know if you have any questions!

    -Reggie ( Team Member)

    1. Hi ,

      Amanda here, author of one of the articles above! I've been on Remicade + Azathioprine since 2017, and after going through IVF had a successful pregnancy in 2018 - 2019. I met with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist before trying to conceive, and we talked about everything I was on and what my plan would be for pregnancy, consulting with my GI doctor.

      I stayed on both of my medications during pregnancy. A healthy mom = a healthy baby, and I felt comfortable with the amount of research done on Remicade and Azathioprine during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

      My last remicade infusion for pregnancy was at 33 weeks, and at the time I was getting it every 6 weeks. I was planning to be induced at 39 weeks and get my infusion in the hospital afterwards, but my water spontaneously broke at 35w4d and my daughter arrived the next day. So, I had my infusion 2.5 weeks before delivery, and then my regularly scheduled infusion about 3.5 weeks after delivery. I breastfed (pumped) for 6 months and did not alter my Remicade schedule or discard any post-infusion milk.

      Please reach out with any specific questions, I'm more than happy to answer them + connect you to other resources.

      Amanda ( Team Member)

      1. Hi Sabaa! Great questions, and I completely understand your concerns regarding pregnancy and medications.

        I was on Stelara when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2019 and I had a good pregnancy with no side effects. It was encouraged by my GI to stay on the medication during pregnancy, since flaring during pregnancy would be a greater risk than taking the medication would have caused.

        I also was absolutely fine postpartum, and feel lucky since some women tend to flare after giving birth.

        Despite what you read here, I would express your concerns with both your GI and OB and create a plan that everyone is on board with and that you are comfortable doing.

        Best of luck!

        --Julie (Team Member)

        1. there is actually a study called the PIANO study which has looked at exactly that! May be worth taking a look at:

          ~ Sahara (team member)

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