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Software / app to track detailed diet, IBD symptoms AND workouts??

Hi! First-time poster here. Started IBD symptoms in 2009, began treatment methods following GI doctor recommendations, was diagnosed with UC around 2014 iirc, and have been almost entirely in remission since around 2018.

Has anyone come across an app or software program that tracks detailed diet data, IBD symptoms AND workout data all against each other across time, and with a resolution down to an hourly basis or even tighter? (and ideally can track your go-to-bed and wake-up times as well?)

I enjoy (and generally have managed) to maintain a pretty well-rounded workout routine dominated by weight training and also including lesser portions of cardio, stretching and even hot yoga.

I've tried at least a few different apps over the years - they all track diet/nutrition, but no app seems to track also fitness training AND gastro/IBD symptoms. It's like the IBD world and fitness world are totally disparate - so frustrating! I know my IBD impacts my fitness training and vice versa, and of course diet affects both...

Can I get an app that tracks all of these together?? I can't imagine that it would be a ridiculous idea to track all these in one app.

Thank you for any leads!

  1. Try the app Cara Care. I think you will be happy with what it offers. -Elizabeth (team member)

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