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Does anybody have spasms in their stomach?

Does anybody have spasms in their stomach? It’s sort of like a vibrating feeling and when you touch the area that is spasming, you can feel it popping and gurgling inside? It’s really uncomfortable and is pretty much constant all day. I get the vibrating/popping feeling in my lower right abdomen and my upper left. Just want to know if anybody experiences the same or similar thing??? Thanks!

  1. Hi , I haven't experienced this! But, I'm curious to know if you'd discussed this symptom with you doctor? Hoping you find some answers/comfort soon. - Pam (team member)

    1. Hi . The way you describe it makes me think of how I feel when I have trapped wind! I have strictures (narrowed parts) in my intestine, which is usually where I can feel and hear the activity the most.
      Definitely worth mentioning to your doctor or IBD team if you havent already. They can look into it and may be able to provide something to give you some relief!
      - Sahara (team member)

      1. I've experienced this before on a few occasions. It is not something I normally have gotten though. I wonder if something like Tums or Prilosec OTC would offer you some relief. Might be worth trying.

        Matt (Team Member)

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